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Freedom technology is freedom technology. It is free and open source. It is freely distributed. It is free for all to access, use, and remix. Freedom is inevitable. Unfortunately, our world is ruled by evil men who want to enslave us and prevent us from our God given sovereignty. Thankfully there are rebels out there, fighting for our freedom, developing technology that will allow humanity to flourish. In 2023, Inscriptions1 were unleashed on the world, and with that an immutable database that is globally distributed protected by the most power computer network mankind has ever seen.

With great power comes great responsibility. With that power, the Yankee Boogle was inscribed on Bitcoin. For the uninitiated, you are wondering “What’s a Yankee Boogle and why do I care?”. The Yankee Boogle is a 3d printed widget that makes a semi automatic AR-15 into a full auto AR-15. This is a 17kb digital file that screams freedom. The file for the Yankee Boogle was the 70,602 inscription on Bitcoin.

Every Bitcoin full node has this file saved on it. Read that again.


TXID: 423b8403b8250bf226dec3d2ed342d971491ca8aaeaaab9d5d628d7dc744e2adi0

The first .stl inscription and legendary Yankee Boogle.

  1. Inscriptions are dgital files that have been saved on Bitcoin. Here are some inscriptions. Just click a bunch of the links. ↩︎